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Support Wordvoyance and bring your friends along for the ride!

Our Mission

Wordvoyance is a free game with no advertisements. That said, we do offer an inexpensive subscription that helps keep the servers alive and ad-free for the entire community.

How it Works

As a non-subscriber, you can play Wordvoyance for free with one limitation: you can only play one free match at a time. When your free game ends, you can create another free game.

Subscribers can play multiple Wordvoyance matches at the same time. Additionally, subscribers can invite non-subscribers to matches without limits. In other words, inviting a non-subscriber on your friends list will not count toward that friend's free game limit.

The Fine Details

How many different players may I play against?

Subscribers can invite multiple different players to games of Wordvoyance at the same time, regardless of whether those players are subscribed or not. Non-subscribers may only invite other players to their one free game simultaneously.

To get technical, there is an upper limit for concurrent games imposed by the server. We may also have to put a specific number to that in the future if performance necessitates.

Against the same player, how many matches may I play simultaneously?

The same rules apply as above. Subscribers can play multiple matches against the same opponent, whether that opponent is subscribed or not.

How does the random opponent queue work?

As a free player, random matches count toward your one free game, even if the opponent you match against is a subscriber. This limitation on the random opponent queue reduces confusion in the event two players couldn't be matched up.

Of course, subscribers may enter and re-enter the queue as many times as they like.

Wordvoyance is intended to be played with friends. As a subscriber, you can invite multiple friends to multiple matches at the same time. If you enjoyed your game with a random opponent, send that player a friend request.

What happens if my opponent abandons my free match?

Free games have a turn timeout. After your opponent's turn times out, you can resign from the game without it counting as a loss.