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Hangduels is a hangman-inspired game to provide that thrill of trying to guess the correct word without losing. Like all games we offer, this game is developed with an emphasis on supporting visually impaired people and people with normal sight. We don't just want a place for one audience to play together but instead a place where all people can play together.

If you've played hangman before, then you already know how our game works. If you don't, then the concept is a simple one. The goal is for you to guess what the word is by guessing letters in the word. If you guess "O" and there's an "O", then we fill in the blank spots that hold that letter so you know. If you guess "L" and there are none, then you lose a balloon. If you lose all your balloons, you fall down the cliff and lose the game.

Main game screen Main game screen

Our starting game mode is Arcade, which is just a simple, single-player version of the game. If you guess a word correctly, you get points. You're then given all your balloons back and a new word to guess. You continue doing so until you get a word wrong. Once you get a word wrong, you lose a life. Once you run out of lives, the game is over and you are shown your total score.

Some common strategies that exist are to guess vowels first. Most words in the English language have vowels in them so they are a safe bet. Other good guesses are "R", "S", and "T" due to how common they are. By having one of those letters and a vowel or two guessed correctly, you can narrow down greatly what word you may be trying to find.

All vowels are incorrect letters All vowels are incorrect letters

Remember, just because a good strategy is to guess vowels, there are some words that don't have them. For example, you may get a word like MYTH or CRWTH. In these cases, it can be incredibly difficult to make a good guess, so stay on your toes!