Themis Games

Games for everyone.


Find the correct word in this exciting daily puzzle game, but only if it has enough braille dots!



Online multiplayer crossword game. Create words from a rack of letters.



Online hangman game.


Braille Story

Solve mysteries, learn braille and date robots in this comedy game for all ages.


Who We Are

We have been game developers since 2010. Now, we turn our experience to making games accessible to everyone.

To us, that means schoolchildren should be able to enjoy educational content without the influence of advertisers. It means being able to play a game on as many phones, computers, and web browsers as possible. It means being able to play blind, deaf, or otherwise.

We hope you'll join us in pushing back against this market dominated by fake "free" apps, ads, gacha mechanics and straight-up gambling. Share our games with your friends and social networks. Tell parents and teachers about our mission. Invite those with disabilities to play with us, and tell them we want to know how to make gaming a part of their lives.

Our lines of communication are open. If you have a favorite pasttime that you sorely miss, or if you have feedback on what we can improve about our catalog of games, please reach out to us.